Relax, Dive, Fish, Paddleboard and Kayak in Guanaja, Honduras

The Honduran currency is the Lempira, which has been around 23.5 per dollar, recently.

Hotel Guanaja recommends a Saturday international arrival to Roatan for most guests; the international carriers servicing Roatan are American Airlines, Delta, United, Avianca and TACA. Arriving in Roatan means that customs and immigration processes are completed at a smaller, easier to navigate english-speaking airport, and a Saturday arrival requires only one quick flight direct to Guanaja.

There are circumstances where an arrival in La Ceiba (from Toronto, Canada or through Grand Cayman) is the best choice. Cayman Air departs Miami, with a short layover in Grand Cayman before continuing to La Ceiba (LCE).

American Airlines, Delta, Spirit, and Continental currently offer air service from North America into San Pedro Sula (SAP). From San Pedro Sula, the most common route is a flight to La Ceiba (LCE), continuing on to Guanaja. It is not always possible to travel from San Pedro Sula to Guanaja following an international arrival, due to scheduling.

Aeromexico, TACA, and COPA offer air service from Central and South America as well as some US cities.

International Flights to Honduras

Honduras is served by several international airlines and the Bay Islands are served by more than one local airline. There are four international destinations in Honduras: Roatan (RTB), San Pedro Sula (SAP), La Ceiba (LCE), Tegucigalpa (TGU), and Copan Ruinas (RUY).

There is a weekly scheduled charter flight on Sundays from Milan to Roatan on Meridiana.

There are seasonal flights from Toronto and Montreal to La Ceiba on Sunwing.

Domestic Flights to Guanaja

From Roatan or La Ceiba, Aerolinea Lanhsa will get you to Guanaja Airport (GJA), where we retrieve you for the last leg of your journey, a boat ride to Hotel Guanaja.

Do not hesitate to contact Hotel Guanaja with travel question.

On Saturdays, both Aerolinea Lanhsa and Aerocaribe de Honduras have scheduled flights to get international travelers from Roatan to Guanaja and back for an ideal Saturday-to-Saturday stay. Hotel Guanaja recommends this for international visitors.

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