Relax, Dive, Fish, Paddleboard and Kayak in Guanaja, Honduras

Hotel Guanaja Watersports

Hotel Guanaja features Kayaks, Paddleboards, Waterskis and other equipment for guests to enjoy. Because of the protective reef and shallows around Guanaja, Hotel Guanaja and most of the rest of the island experiences much less wave action; this makes for a great aquatic playground for kayaks and paddle boards. We can mount kayaks and Paddleboards on our various larger boats, and take you to different parts of the island for the best possible experience and so our gusts can get to know Guanaja.

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Kayaks are easy to use by almost everyone; we employ a short training exercise to make sure a user has a feel for balance and how to paddle most effectively.

Hotel Guanaja has single 'Frenzy' Ocean Kayaks for one person and Ocean Kayak 'Malibu 2' for two, or tandem users. We also have 'clear bottom' single user kayaks which allow the operator to see into the waters below; these are ideal for shallow water use over some of the Guanaja reefs.

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Paddle boards (SUP)

Paddle boards (also referred to as SUP for Stand-Up Paddleboards) are another way to enjoy the Guanaja waters. Paddle boards are a unique experience as it is simply a large, flat board with a small fin on the bottom. The user can stand, sit, lie down, add a friend, and just enjoy the water. Travel for miles or lay in the sun.

Some people exercise, do yoga, meditate, or use the paddle board platform to look for bait or casual fishing. Hotel Guanaja has Wizard Deluxe Paddleboards.
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