Relax, Dive, Fish, Paddleboard and Kayak in Guanaja, Honduras


Locations near Hotel Guanaja

Northeast Cay, and Guanaja's southern Mesoamerican reefs and several dive sites are a short swim, snorkel, drive or paddle distance from Hotel Guanaja. We have tours of different types for these nearby locations.
Locations further from Hotel Guanaja

Michael's Rock, Deena Beach, Soldado Beach, Sandy Bay and dozens of dive and snorkel sites are far enough from Hotel Guanaja that a boat trip for your group is more expedient. Just as well can load dive and fishing gear on our boats, so, too can we load kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel gear, and picnic supplies on our boats to take your group on an excursion to most any location around Guanaja.

We have some flat rates, per person, for set groups sizes for three hours and longer tours and excursions, and are happy to provide rates for larger groups for specific locations.