Relax, Dive, Fish, Paddleboard and Kayak in Guanaja, Honduras

Snorkeling at Hotel Guanaja

Guanaja is surrounded by the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef; beyond the reef a wall. ideal for diving, drops off to significant depths. While this underwater topography is exciting to SCUBA and Tech divers, the Guanaja reefs and other features are a snorkeling heaven.

Just as a diver can 'shore dive' around Hotel Guanaja, so can the snorkeler find reef, fish and plants without needing to wait for or pay for a boat trip. Between the barrier reef and the hotel beach are several reefs which can be reached by a short swim, a paddle board or a kayak. Much of the reef around Guanaja ranges from inches to five or 10 feet deep. Ideal snorkeling conditions.

See our Deena Beach and Northeast Cay photos and videos to get an idea of the snorkeling environments around Hotel Guanaja.

Snorkel Gear

Hotel Guanaja has US Divers snorkel gear ranging in sizes from child to adult, male and female.

Almost any person of any age can snorkel, and Guanaja's sheltered waters inside the reef are an ideal place to learn. A quick training session to ensure proper gear fit and a learning to clear the mask and snorkel is available.

For those who which to experience the water and reefs without entering the water, Hotel Guanaja has clear-bottom kayaks; please see our Watersports page for more information about them.
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Guanaja itself, its waters and reefs are a true natural wonder which we will help all visitors discover.