Relax, Dive, Fish, Paddleboard and Kayak in Guanaja, Honduras

Diving with Hotel Guanaja Dive Center

Hotel Guanaja operates a 34' diesel dive boat and a 25' Robalo, as well as a 27' Panga and 2 skiffs. This wide range of transport ensures that we can transport divers to any of the 45+ Guanaja dive sites, with different groups going in different directions at once. See our Jado Trader dive and our Black Rock Canyon dive videos for an idea of Guanaja diving.

Our interactive Guanaja Dive Site Map gives a general location layout of the island's dive sites, and we will log your dive on it soon!

The Hotel Guanaja Dive Center offers a full spectrum of dive instruction. As a DIWA associate, we are able to arrange advanced instruction beyond what is normally available on Guanaja. With planning and notice, instruction in Dive Mastering, Dive Instruction, Underwater Photography, Underwater Scooter use, and other classes are possible. DIWA and the Hotel Guanaja Dive Center are able to cater to the global, multilingual diver with a superior experience. More information on DIWA can be found here, and an excellent summary of DIWA instruction Tiers is here.
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Hotel Guanaja Dive Center offers:
    10-dive package ($400)

    Resort Course/Discover/Holiday Diver ($110) - suitable for new divers who wish to enjoy diving for the first time; this is a non-transferable certification to allow limited, safe diving during your stay at Hotel Guanaja.

    Refresh Dive - if a year has lapsed on your certification, we can get you re-certified. Cost is variable based on circumstances and requirements.

    Open Water Diver - ($300) 6 completed training dives and an exam, and you are a certified diver around the world with an ID card; ready to advance in different directions.

    Special course - ($90-$120) variable special courses

Stay Tuned: The Hotel Guanaja Dive Center is fully geared for Tech Diving at this moment, oxygen generation, Sofnolime and all. We will update our Tech dive offerings for Fall 2016 soon.